Family Testimonials

“Thank you so so much for sending a group tonight to sing for my uncle. You have no idea what a difference it made. After the team left he was able to study, something he was unable to do in the past few days!”

(Niece of Patient)

“Thank you so much for the DVD’s!!!! It was a major help!!! You can’t even imagine!”

(Parents of 12-year-old girl)

“After your volunteers came my child was dancing around happily; something he didn’t do since surgery!”

(Mother of 4-year-old boy)

“I just want to say a big thank you to The Cheer-Up Squad. As I am sure you heard from tonight’s feedback how much it meant to Ronny. It lifted him up not only physically and emotionally but also spiritually. You guys really made a difference tonight and it was a special evening!”

(Fellow community member)

“I want you to truly understand the impact The Cheer Up Squad had on Andrew. I don’t know how to say it in words but you touched his heart so quickly. He didn’t know you guys long but adored you, and that the way you treated others matched the way he always endeavored to treat others too. He saw a lot of himself in you guys and he was so excited to be able to contribute in any way he could to The Cheer Up Squad when he was better. I’m so glad that you were there for him and us all in the last 6 months. What you do is incredible and I’m so grateful.
May he rest in peace.”

(His partner)


Doctor Testimonials

“…Your guys are doing an excellent job. I can tell on patients when The Cheer-Up Squad visited- I notice that on those days they respond far better to treatment.”

(Dr H BSCH Royal London Hospital)

“…I just wanted to say a big thank you for all your efforts and very moving generosity all year round. In the meantime just keep up with your good work!
With my best wishes. “

(Nadia CTL, Homerton University Hospital NHS Trust)

“…How much joy and cheer you bring to the staff while you are visitng the patient, even more we thank you for the gifts and chocolates you leave over for us.”

(Sandra, Nurse in the ICU)


Volunteer Testimonials

“Seeing people who are far worse off really puts things into perspective..”

(M Landau)

The Cheer-Up Squad was the first to give me the great opportunity to cheer up children in public, and I’ll always remember that good feeling after seeing the smiles on the faces of the patients. Thanks to Alex, Jacob and the whole amazing team! It’s a real pleasure working with you!

(I wish there would be more hours in the day so there would be more time for calls…)

(Y A Ables)

Seeing what a simple smile can achieve has changed my approach to life. I appreciate the countless blessings in my life more than before I joined The Cheer-Up Squad. Seeing the other side to life has actually changed my day to day life.

(S Rothchild)

I feel that I receive more from The Cheer Up Squad than I’m giving! I often come home from work tired and overworked. Then I go on a call and feel uplifted and happy! I really feel that the SMILING of someone who is ill, makes him get better sooner, so I’m happy to be able to help him get better sooner!

(M Buxsbaum)

“It is really touching when we can take someone that is ill out of his illnes and out of the situatuion for a while, and give him some minutes of healthy life!”

(L Frankel)

“Even when I cannot physically join in all call outs due to timing, I still show a strong longing and wish that next time I should be able to grab the call and run cheer up an ill patient. This made a big difference in my house and the message is clear, that even when I can’t participate I still read the message with a moan ‘oh I wish I can do this good deed.’ Once a volunteer always a volunteer..!”

(S Erlanger)