About Us

The Cheer Up Squad started as a dream that soon floundered into reality. Currently, our team of 116 volunteers, spread cheer to hundreds of bedridden patients and their families each year. Their dedication to, and commitment in, cheering up ill patients is unbelievable! They can be seen entertaining patients in all hospitals across London.

Our Management Team



Mr Moses Mandel a newly appointed trustee has enhanced the overall running of the organisation, and has seen it grow from success to success. His natural managerial expertise and various other valuable skills gained from previous work experience is the force behind this.

Starting off working and helping SEND children in a mainstream school and eventually moving on to becoming head of SENCO, gave him the experience of interacting with disadvantaged children and young people, thus giving him an appreciation and understanding of their needs.

His next occupations, where he still currently works at, is manager of property companies and a highly sought-after financial advisor, which has given him first and foremost enormous experience in the finance field (among many other valuable skills), which he applies to the benefit of The Cheer-Up Squad. In addition, he heads a boys day camp twice a year giving him much-needed skills such as managerial skills, communication skills, organisation skills, and many others which once again serves to our benefit and which has led to our increasing success.



Mr Alex Gluck, the founder of The Cheer-Up Squad, has seen the flourishment of the organisation since its inception. His deep passion for helping vulnerable and disadvantaged people is what lead him to found The Cheer-Up Squad and to be the most active volunteer – going out on majority of the call outs.

His drive, and larger than life personality is what ensures the overwhelming success of patients visits.

His occupation as a wedding and event singer, only enhances the visits, as his natural singing talent, together with professional musicians, creates an electric atmosphere, that is priceless and conducive for the patients’ emotional and general wellbeing.


Volunteer Coordinator

Mr Jacob Rothchild is our newly appointed volunteer coordinator. His past work experiences and hobbies work to his advantage as capacity of volunteer coordinator. Mr Rothchild started off working and helping SEND children in a mainstream school and eventually moved on to working in a special needs school.

Being that he has dealt and interacted with such children, when The Cheer-Up Squad is called upon to cheer up SEND children in hospital, at home, or at an event, he is able to choose which volunteers he feels will be best for that particular call. Moving on he became an event manager for a company where he gained a lot of knowledge and acquired good managing skills.

Eventually, he started helping out schools and organisations with fundraising campaigns and he managed to pull off 7 successful campaigns. Along all of this, he gained invaluable management skills which he puts to good use when coordinating calls. Moreover, his hobby all along has been singing which, when he signed up as a Cheer Up Squad volunteer, made him a valuable member. His experience as a volunteer going around cheering up patients, gave him an awareness of how calls are conducted and which volunteers would be best suited for each particular call.

Overall, Mr Rothchild has gained an appreciation and understanding of the subtle nature of each call, and dispatches volunteers accordingly, leading to highly successful call outs and subsequent feedback.

Our Impact


Reducing social isolation


Relieving boredom


Preventing anxiety and depression


Improving communication


Improving physical and mental health and wellbeing


Creating positive mood


Strengthening resolve to fight disease


Prolonging Life

We Help Them All