About Us


Our Management Team

The Cheer Up Squad started as a dream that soon floundered into reality.  Currently, our team of 100+ volunteers, spread cheer to hundreds of bedridden patients and their families each year.  They can be seen entertaining patients in all hospitals across London. Their dedication to, and commitment in, cheering up patients is unbelievable!  

“Researchers have suggested that happy people may have lower pain ratings because their positive emotions help broaden their perspective, encouraging new thoughts and ideas. They believe this may help people build effective coping strategies that reduce their perception of pain” (Health Line)

Our Impact

Reducing social isolation 

Relieving boredom 

Preventing anxiety and depression 

Improving communication

Improving physical and mental health and wellbeing 

Creating positive mood

Strengthening resolve to fight disease

Prolonging life

Our Services

Visits/Clown Care

DVD Players and DVD’s

Bedside creatives

Magical moments

Cheer up day

Entertainment in care homes

Gifting all Members of the patients healthcare team

For the family

We help them all

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